At Midwest Rubber & Plastic we are known for our highly engineered and custom molded components. We pride ourselves in the tradition of providing our customers with the most comprehensive line of standard and custom designed sealing products as well as our history of industry leading customer service.

Midwest Rubber & Plastic’s commitment is to bring you the best overall value for your rubber and plastic needs. We have over 25 years industry experience and deliver the finest quality products available from our ISO/QS/TS certified factories across the globe. Whether your manufacturing needs require affordable rubber O-rings or an innovative solution for your most challenging requirement, we’re here to help provide you with the best solution.

Our company can also help you gain access to global resources with direct overseas suppliers and fully managed logistics, saving you from the burdens of stock and release requirements, or carrying the lead time from ordering overseas parts. We also offer stocking agreements to our clients for just-in-time shipping, which helps ease your inventory constraints and keeps your daily operations running smoothly.

When you partner with Midwest Rubber & Plastic, you’ll find a reliable collaborator because our support even extends to your R&D phase. Midwest Rubber & Plastic can work with your engineering team to assist in designing a part that meets your cost-saving initiatives by making material and process recommendations and design suggestions.

Midwest Rubber & Plastic helps companies stay profitable and efficient in an ever-changing marketplace. With partnerships built on a solid foundation of reliability and trust, we’re changing the way manufacturers meet their supply chain challenges.

If you have any questions regarding your unique rubber or plastic needs, please give us a call at 918-605-2636 today!